A Modular Winery on the Bay?

Temporary Modular Winery

Rock Wall Wine Company

Modular construction is taking some surprising shapes. Here’s a great example that may interest you: a new modular winery on the San Francisco Bay.

It’s a stunning facility, for sure. But to build it, the owners had to clear a serious obstacle. The site is on a closed U.S. Naval base. The land lease required that all buildings be removable, with minimal residual impact, should the base be reactivated. A permanent foundation wasn’t an option.

Together, Daniel Hoy Architecture and ModSpace presented a temporary modular solution for its versatility and cost efficiency. The resulting winery is appointed with a lavish tasting room, a large commercial kitchen, a walk-in refrigerator and an adjacent restroom building.

Click here to take a tour of Rock Wall Wine Company and then tell us your thoughts.


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