Modular Construction Eases School Overcrowding

Modular Classroom - InteriorIt’s no secret that schools everywhere are feeling the effects of overcrowding. In extreme cases, teachers are sharing classrooms and libraries and faculty lounges are being used as teaching space. In some instances, students are even bussed miles away to neighboring school districts.

Meanwhile, state-imposed limits on class size often require school districts to add new facilities to adhere to state regulations. Schools with aging facilities, increasing enrollments and slashed budgets are in a particularly tight spot.

The Modular Solution

Many overburdened school districts are turning to portable modular classrooms as a fast, cost-effective solution for adding classrooms. Portable modular classrooms can be ready for students within weeks, not months, giving quick relief to aching schools.

Portable modular classrooms can be used for instruction for months or years. But for schools that require permanent facilities fast, custom modular buildings can start welcoming students in as little as half the time of traditional construction. Permanent modular buildings can be built to any size or shape, as standalone buildings or additions to existing structures. Either way, building aesthetics can be matched to the look and feel of the existing campus.

For both immediate and long-term needs, temporary modular classrooms can house students while permanent structures are built. As permanent facilities are completed, temporary classrooms can be added or removed to meet a school’s changing needs.

Reduced Campus Disruption

Modular construction reduces on-campus disruption. Offsite factory prefabrication of buildings combined with the need for minimal onsite preparation dramatically cuts construction noise while classes are in session, so students can focus on learning.

Click on the links to below to see examples of temporary and permanent modular classrooms.

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