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Relief to Recovery: 3 Ways Modular Buildings Help Communities Post-disaster

Mobile Hospital preperation

Staffers ready FEMA’s mobile hospital in Louisville, MS. Photo: Mike Koplitz/FEMA

When natural disasters strike, rapid response is vital to bringing aid into an affected community. Ongoing support is also needed to get the community back on its feet. Whether it’s organizing and distributing relief supplies, providing temporary housing for displaced residents, offering transitional offices to get employees back to work, or the rebuilding of businesses and homes, many organizations must quickly come together for effective relief and recovery.

Residents of Louisville, Mississippi came together after a tornado destroyed their local hospital in April. For the first time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Read more

3D Printing of Buildings Becoming a Reality

3D printing of buildingsAt its current rate of advancement, it’s projected that, by 2020, 3D printing will become a $5.2 billion industry. From synthetic human limbs to functioning firearms, state-of-the-art 3D printing is now making its way into construction. Here are a couple of the projects paving the way for 3D printing of buildings.

  • After successfully constructing a 1:20 scale mock-up, Dutch architectural firm DUS has begun construction of a 3D printed house. Using its own onsite printer, DUS is printing Read more

LEED vs. Green Globes: The Battle for Sustainable Building Supremacy

LEED vs Green Globes The Battle for Sustainable BuildingThere’s a new kid on the green construction standard block. The Green Globes rating system is being touted as a less-expensive method of rating the sustainability of construction projects. Until recently, LEED was the leading certification program that offered ratings for green architectural design and development, construction and maintenance. Now, LEED is facing competition from Portland, Oregon-based Green Globes, causing controversy and competition throughout the green building industry.

Differences & Similarities

Both LEED and the Green Globes provide national/state/local certification for sustainable building projects; however, there are quite a few ways in which these two systems differ.

  • LEED is based on a system of 110 points whereas the Green Globes utilizes a 1,000 point system.  Each requires a minimum of points in order to be certified. Read more

5 Tips for Making Construction Projects More Efficient

5 Tips for Making Construction Projects More EfficientThey say time is money. That’s especially true for construction projects. Time lost on the job translates to additional expenses that eat into your bottom line. Here are a few tips to making your next project more efficient and improve your profit margin in the process.

1. Stay Productive

Keeping your team on task throughout a project is often the difference between meeting your deadline and expensive delays. Some keys to staying productive include:

  • Meetings are necessary to keep your team informed. Prepare an agenda to keep meetings on-point and concise. Anticipate questions and be prepared to answer.
  • Avoid micromanaging trusted employees. It only distracts them and you from completing the job at hand.
  • Setbacks are inevitable. Deal with them promptly to avoid additional fallout down the road.

 2. Choose Trusted Vendors

Knowing your mobile office, portable storage container or rented equipment will be delivered on time and in good condition lets you to focus on completing your project. Consider the cost of time spent chasing down vendors due to poor service or products Read more

Modular Classrooms Welcome Students Back to School

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Permanent Modular ConstructionA new school year’s underway, and here’s what we know about the state of education:

  • The generation now heading back to class is the largest since the Baby Boomers.
  • School populations are projected to grow steadily through 2019.
  • At $10 billion, U.S. spending on school construction is half of what is was prior to the recession.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers report on infrastructure gave our schools a D+.

Clearly, there’s a gap between the need for learning space and the resources invested in building it. Is modular an effective solution? We think so, and here’s why: Read more

Construction Unemployment Hits 5-year Low

June 2013 construction employment numbersFor the first time since 2008, unemployment in the in construction industry has dropped below double digits to 9.8 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed the addition of 195,000 jobs for June, 13,000 of which were in construction. Gains in construction were offset by the loss of 6,000 manufacturing jobs. The national unemployment rate remained at 7.6 percent.

Investing in Construction

June’s job growth comes on the heels of a recent industry-wide increase in construction Read more

Construction Employment Improves in May

May 2013 Construction EmploymentNewly-released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) confirms the US economy added 175,000 jobs in May — 7,000 of which were in the construction sector. At the same time, May’s positive employment numbers resulted in a slight uptick in the unemployment rate, from 7.5% to 7.6%, as more job seekers have reentered the market, according to Bloomberg News.

Construction Increases

The good news in construction comes by way of an increase of 7,000 jobs in May. Enthusiasm regarding the gain is tempered by the 6,000 construction jobs lost in April. Specialty Trade Contractors posted the highest gains in Read more

Construction Projects Most Impacted by the Sequester

Construction Projects Most Impacted by the SequesterThe Department of Energy, the EPA, and the U.S. military are among the federal and construction programs now feeling the effects of the Sequester’s $4 billion in mandatory budget cuts that began on March 1st, according to recent article on

A report to Congress by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) outlines cuts made by the Sequester. Here’s a quick look at where they’ll be felt most.

Sandy Recovery

Hardest hit by the cuts are the states still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, with the $50 billion already approved by Congress for natural disaster relief earmarked for reduction. Specifically, New York, Read more

Construction Employment and Spending Hit 3-Year High

Modular construction employment is on the riseFor those who remain skeptical of the construction industry’s return in 2013, here are a few numbers that may sway your opinion. A press release from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) confirmed last week that in January the U.S. hit a three–year high for both construction employment and spending.

  • 28,000 jobs were added in January, the eighth straight month of job growth
  • Construction spending was up 7.8%, the ninth month in a row that spending grew

“The new employment data show the industry lost even more jobs in the recession than previously estimated but has added almost 300,000 jobs in the past two years, including nearly 100,000 since Read more