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Mobile Offices Help Organizers at the 2014 Boston Marathon

We’re honored to be a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon this Monday, April 21st. Our mobile offices are already in place as command posts and crew offices at the start line in the Hopkinton Common and the finish line in Copley Square.

Congratulations to all of the participants, event organizers and the City of Boston on the 118th running of this great race. You truly are Boston strong.

Olympic Host Cities Look to Modular for Scalable Building

Modular Olympics Boston2024 Olympic Host Cities Look to Modular for Scalable BuildingAs Beantown makes its bid to host the 2024 Olympics, Boston has proposed using (and reusing) modular construction to create a scalable Olympic stadium and Olympic Village.

The Olympic Games can be a double-edged sword for a host city. An influx of tourism and a public relations blitz are assured for the months up to and during the Games. On the flipside, the host city also risks losing the sizeable investment required to submit a bid to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

After the Games the host city is often left with an overbuilt, even excessive infrastructure. Read more

Why Smart Cities Are the Cure for America’s Aging Power Grid

smart cities 3 Why Smart Cities Are the Cure for America’s Aging Power GridSmart cities are all the rage with urban planners. But does this mean that the smart city design is right for every city? And what about the United States — will it fall behind and never catch up? Here are some of the questions city planners are asking.

What is a Smart City?

The term smart city applies to cities aiming to improve quality of life for citizens by updating infrastructure with smart power grids fueled by renewable energy. Smart cities can reduce traffic congestion, cut CO2 emissions and reduce operating Read more

Construction Material Costs on the Rise at Home and Abroad

ConstructionMaterials 300x199 Construction Material Costs on the Rise at Home and AbroadPrices for construction materials have jumped in the United States, and around the globe. Two questions are apparent: why, and what does it mean for the future of construction?

Gypsum Leads Price Hike

At 14%, gypsum products rose the most in the past year. Lumber and plywood posted the second highest hike at 9%. Prepared asphalt and tar roofing climbed 5.4%. Lumber prices are expected to outpace all rising costs, as new federal regulations force an industry slowdown. Insulation materials, construction machinery and equipment, and asphalt Read more

3 Industries Made for Modular

Modular hotel Japan 300x200 3 Industries Made for Modular

Bayside Marina Hotel, Yokohama, Japan

As modular grows in popularity and architects find new uses for prefab, three industries are best suited to take advantage of the benefits of building offsite. A report by McGraw-Hill Construction says healthcare, commercial warehousing, and the hotel industry would reap the greatest rewards by choosing modular.


Hospitals and similar outpatient facilities are ideal for modular. Patient rooms are identical and can be efficiently replicated at the factory and then quickly assembled onsite. This approach yields consistent quality, time savings of up to 50 percent, and significantly Read more

Inside the Ultimate Antarctic Research Station

¬ BAS Halley VI Inside the Ultimate Antarctic Research StationWe’ve said before that modular is an ideal building method when it comes to adding facilities in remote locations. Well, it doesn’t get any more remote than Antarctica. It’s desolate landscape and unforgiving weather make it inhospitable for humans to live and work. Yet, when the British Antarctic Survey (BAC) needed a state-of-the-art research facility to house its team of scientists and researchers at the South Pole, they chose modular for their base of operations. Built off-site and shipped to Antarctica in sections, the assembled Halley VI Research Station allowed the BAC to conduct important research on matters of global, environmental importance.

Halley VI Background

Commissioned in 2006, the Halley VI Research Station took four years to complete and is Read more

Sandy-torn Shore Preps for Summer

 Sandy torn Shore Preps for SummerThe summer season is just weeks away. Yet six months after Hurricane Sandy, some beach communities are still rebuilding. For shoreline businesses, the season drives the bulk of their annual revenue. Some that aren’t ready are turning to modular construction to open on time.

Modular Facilities Heading to the Shore

For New Yorkers, the push includes modular facilities for restrooms, lifeguard stations and maintenance offices. Officials say the modular plan is the most cost- and time-efficient way to prepare the boardwalk and shoreline communities. New York’s $100 million investment in modular will pay for itself many Read more

Sustainable and Modular Construction Still Hot for 2013

 Sustainable and Modular Construction Still Hot for 2013A recent article on Construction Digital indicates that both sustainable building and modular construction remain trends with traction. Four months into 2013, these trends are two of the driving forces behind the improving construction industry.

Green and Natural

The use of sustainable building materials and construction techniques Read more

Modular Construction Reaches New Heights, Goes Global

 Modular Construction Reaches New Heights, Goes Global

Atlantic Yards Project, Brooklyn, NY

Though the domestic modular construction industry has been growing over the past several decades, it is only recently that US designers and builders have started taking sky-scraping cues from overseas projects. New York City’s Atlantic Yards development is a prime example, as it is targeted to be the tallest modular structure in the world, surpassing England’s University of Wolverhampton’s 25-story dormitory, completed in 2009.

These two projects notwithstanding, modular construction that reaches for the sky isn’t relegated to the US and UK. The Asian market went tall the in Hunan Province with high-rise modular projects courtesy of developer Zhang Yue, whose company erected a 30-story modular building over 15 days in 2011, a feat that was captured in a powerful time-lapse video.

Even now the Broad Group in China has signed a deal to erect a 100-story prefab building in the city of Read more

Video: School Principal Talks about Reopening Faster After Hurricane Sandy

Residents and businesses across New York and New Jersey are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Moonachie Township in Bergen County, New Jersey is no different. Four feet of water flooded much of the town, including Robert L. Craig Elementary. The school was badly damaged and not fit for teaching.

Administrators called ModSpace and less than a month later, the school reopened in temporary modular classrooms. It’s a good story for ModSpace, and a great one for the children of Moonachie.

Watch the video below to hear the school’s principal tell the story in her own words.