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A Modular Winery on the Bay?

Temporary Modular Winery

Rock Wall Wine Company

Modular construction is taking some surprising shapes. Here’s a great example that may interest you: a new modular winery on the San Francisco Bay.

It’s a stunning facility, for sure. But to build it, the owners had to clear a serious obstacle. The site is on a closed U.S. Naval base. The land lease required that all buildings be removable, with minimal residual impact, should the base be reactivated. A permanent foundation wasn’t an option.

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Time-lapse Video: Floorless Modular Install

In a recent blog post I told you about the benefits of floorless modular construction: cost savings, flexibility, monolithic slab foundation, structural steel. Now you can watch the installation process from start to finish in this time-lapse video of a floorless modular classroom installation at Jesse Kaplan School in West Nyack, NY.

Please watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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The Changing Design-Build Paradigm

We’re back to work at ModSpace after a great week at the 2011 DBIA Conference & Expo. I wanted to share my thoughts on the week’s events and offer a modular company’s perspective on key messages.

It was refreshing to be so succinctly reminded of the components of the true Design-Build model: Sustainability, Accountability and Partnership. These principles are evident in what I think are the 3 key takeaways from the show. Read more

Floorless Modular Buildings Deliver Cost and Time Savings

It seems logical for architects to include a floor in their new building designs. I thought you might like to hear about a floorless approach that will cut your site impact and help you meet cost and time sensitivities. It’s a solution made possible through prefabricated construction.

The “floorless” concept is somewhat new in the construction industry, and clearly illustrates how quickly modular is evolving. In the “floorless” building process, the building is constructed either in one piece or in parts at the factory. The pieces are shipped to the site, where they are bolted together Lego-like at the desired location. Then the entire, completed building is lifted onto a concrete slab, which serves as the flooring. 

A few advantages to the “floorless” design concept include: Read more