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Relief to Recovery: 3 Ways Modular Buildings Help Communities Post-disaster

FEMA Mobile Hospital Photo BillKoplitz FEMA 300x200 Relief to Recovery: 3 Ways Modular Buildings Help Communities Post disaster

Staffers ready FEMA’s mobile hospital in Louisville, MS. Photo: Mike Koplitz/FEMA

When natural disasters strike, rapid response is vital to bringing aid into an affected community. Ongoing support is also needed to get the community back on its feet. Whether it’s organizing and distributing relief supplies, providing temporary housing for displaced residents, offering transitional offices to get employees back to work, or the rebuilding of businesses and homes, many organizations must quickly come together for effective relief and recovery.

Residents of Louisville, Mississippi came together after a tornado destroyed their local hospital in April. For the first time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Read more

A Rising Sea of Change? New York Weighs Coastal Readiness Plan

NYC flood barrier 300x196 A Rising Sea of Change? New York Weighs Coastal Readiness Plan

Photo courtesy of Arcadis


Rising oceans and severe storms are a real threat to coastal cities around the world. Superstorm Sandy is great example of how tidal surge can devastate low-lying metropolitan areas.

One artist recently created a video animation that shows how the rising sea level could impact the West Coast. Imagine Venice Beach under 25 feet of water. While this scenario is not likely to happen in our lifetime, it does call into question how the world will protect its coastal cities. For Read more

Video: School Principal Talks about Reopening Faster After Hurricane Sandy

Residents and businesses across New York and New Jersey are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Moonachie Township in Bergen County, New Jersey is no different. Four feet of water flooded much of the town, including Robert L. Craig Elementary. The school was badly damaged and not fit for teaching.

Administrators called ModSpace and less than a month later, the school reopened in temporary modular classrooms. It’s a good story for ModSpace, and a great one for the children of Moonachie.

Watch the video below to hear the school’s principal tell the story in her own words.

Time Lapse: Temporary Modular School Accelerates Recovery for Students Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

As residents of New Jersey and New York continue to pick up the pieces after Superstorm Sandy, we’re doing our part to accelerate recovery efforts through faster temporary and permanent modular buildings.

While some finish work is still underway, this rough, first-cut time-lapse video shows how the speed of temporary modular got the students of Robert L. Craig Elementary School in the Moonachie School District of Bergen County, NJ back to school on January 2nd. The 32,000 square foot temporary modular school that was ready for use in just 25 days.

Look for more updates and a final time-lapse video soon on the Moonachie school project and the temporary city hall which ModSpace is now building right down the street.

New Jersey School Going Modular for Fast Recovery from Sandy

school students New Jersey School Going Modular for Fast Recovery from SandyRecovery efforts following the devastation caused by superstorm Sandy earlier this month are in full force. One New Jersey school district is taking a big step to ensure its students are back in the classroom as quickly as possible.

Robert L. Craig Elementary School in Moonachie was hit hard by the tidal surge during Sandy, as a riverbank overflowed and water levels spiked to Read more

Inside the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort: A Volunteer’s Perspective

 Inside the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort: A Volunteer’s Perspective

  • In Franklin Township, New Jersey, not far from the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, a 1 million square foot warehouse is buzzing with activity around the clock. On any other day, it would be just a warehouse in a suburban industrial park. Now it’s a primary hub from which an army of volunteers for the American Red Cross are running the massive relief effort to aid the families and businesses that lost everything in the storm.

That warehouse is where 10 ModSpace employees from our corporate office outside of Philadelphia spent last Wednesday, November 14 as Red Cross volunteers. As donations pour in from around the globe, volunteers are needed to get supplies to the Red Cross shelters Read more

Quick-response Companies Ready to Help with Hurricane Sandy Recovery

 Quick response Companies Ready to Help with Hurricane Sandy RecoveryAs recovery efforts from Sandy unfolded last week, we were struck by the resiliency of those who were affected by the storm and of the willingness of others to come to their neighbors’ aid. Helping hands from across the nation were lent to help victims rebuild their homes, their communities, their lives. It’s a proud reminder of what makes America great.

The same can said of the business community, where companies are coming together to drive Read more

A Case for Quick Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

 A Case for Quick Recovery After Hurricane SandyThe devastating effects of superstorm Sandy are still being felt throughout the Northeast, particularly in the hardest hit areas of New Jersey and New York. More than 1 million residents are still without electricity, and relief efforts are expected to continue for weeks.

ModSpace helps businesses get back on track faster using temporary and permanent modular construction. Case in point, after a tornado ripped through Americus, Georgia on the night of March 1, 2007, residents awoke to a Read more

Modular Buildings Speed Up Natural Disaster Relief, Recovery

disaster recovery people Modular Buildings Speed Up Natural Disaster Relief, Recovery It’s now clear that the impact of Sandy will be felt for years and possibly decades to come. As communities in the storm-affected areas embark on the long road to recovery, we’re reminded of a similar situation just last year in western Massachusetts.

On June 1st, Springfield, Massachusetts, was ravaged by a tornado. Though western Massachusetts did not face nearly the destruction residents of New Jersey and New York woke up to on Tuesday morning in the wake of superstorm Sandy, many of the Read more

Hurricane Sandy Cruising Up the East Coast

hurricane sandy Hurricane Sandy Cruising Up the East Coast

Hurricane Sandy cruising up the East Coast

Hurricane Sandy’s wrath is already being felt across the eastern part of the country, with Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy warning residents that the storm has the potential to be “the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes.”

Across the country, cities and towns prepared for the arrival of the Category 1 Hurricane, which had already claimed more than 60 lives in the Caribbean region. In New York City, which is expected to be one of Sandy’s hardest hit areas, Governor Andrew Cuomo suspended subway, bus and train services beginning Sunday night. Schools and offices were also closed across much of the East Coast.

Rescue efforts were already underway Monday, particularly in coastal areas that are seeing widespread flooding and surges of more than 10 feet. Early reports indicated rescuers had been dispatched to Oak Orchard, Delaware, a town resting on the Indian River Bay that is being hit by flooding, despite the fact that residents were urged to evacuate over the weekend.

The unprecedented storm, expected to collide with an oncoming cold front, took a unique path as it turned left to make landfall, seemingly taking dead aim at the Eastern Seaboard. But as much of the Northeast continues to prepare for the worst of the storm, cities and towns that have already taken the brunt of the damage are beginning to transition into recovery mode.

Disaster Relief 

As public officials, residents, and utility and construction workers begin their disaster relief efforts, it is critical to exercise an abundance of caution, particularly when it comes to dealing with mass debris. To make the recovery process as safe, efficient and effective as possible, damaged towns often turn to the use of portable office trailers and storage containers. Apart from offering essential storage, modular structures can serve as emergency medical facilities, relief operations command centers and even temporary housing for individuals who have been displaced by the storm.

As we ride out the storm from our corporate office in Southeastern Pennsylvania and branch offices across the eastern U.S.,  our thoughts are with our customers, employees and everyone affected by the storm. And we wish you and your families a speedy recovery.