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How to Set Up School Campuses with Modular Classrooms and Administrative Buildings

Modular buildings can be added quickly and almost anywhere on a school campus. They’re great for keeping learning on track during renovations, after natural disasters or when additional space is needed due to overcrowding. Watch this video to see an example of how to set up school campuses with modular classrooms and administrative buildings.

Charter School Finds New Home With Help from Modular Building

AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School needed a new facility within a tight timeframe or risk losing their funding. Watch this short video to learn why the school chose modular school buildings to get their new campus ready to welcome students before the deadline past.

Infographic: How Will We Rebuild America’s School Buildings?

America’s schools are in disrepair. Meanwhile, student populations are rising as budgets are slashed. How will America stay competitive in the future without sufficient school buildings today? Click on the infographic below to learn about two solutions that can help schools add new quality buildings quickly.

modular school buildings

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Modular Classrooms Welcome Students Back to School

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Permanent Modular ConstructionA new school year’s underway, and here’s what we know about the state of education:

  • The generation now heading back to class is the largest since the Baby Boomers.
  • School populations are projected to grow steadily through 2019.
  • At $10 billion, U.S. spending on school construction is half of what is was prior to the recession.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers report on infrastructure gave our schools a D+.

Clearly, there’s a gap between the need for learning space and the resources invested in building it. Is modular an effective solution? We think so, and here’s why: Read more

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Modular Construction

Rising enrollments, decreasing budgets and natural disasters have America’s schools facing difficult times. When it comes to adding new teaching space quickly and affordably, modular construction offers temporary and permanent solutions that get students back to class sooner, even on tight budgets.

Here are five reasons to look closely at modular learning space. Click the link in each one to see how schools can benefit from temporary and permanent modular construction.

1. Faster Permanent Buildings

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Permanent Modular ConstructionThe Jesse Kaplan School in West Nyack, NY needed four ADA-approved classrooms with restrooms for special needs children. The classrooms had to blend seamlessly with the existing facility. Innovative floorless modular construction Read more

Video: School Principal Talks about Reopening Faster After Hurricane Sandy

Residents and businesses across New York and New Jersey are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Moonachie Township in Bergen County, New Jersey is no different. Four feet of water flooded much of the town, including Robert L. Craig Elementary. The school was badly damaged and not fit for teaching.

Administrators called ModSpace and less than a month later, the school reopened in temporary modular classrooms. It’s a good story for ModSpace, and a great one for the children of Moonachie.

Watch the video below to hear the school’s principal tell the story in her own words.

New Jersey School Going Modular for Fast Recovery from Sandy

New Jersey School Going Modular for Fast Recovery from SandyRecovery efforts following the devastation caused by superstorm Sandy earlier this month are in full force. One New Jersey school district is taking a big step to ensure its students are back in the classroom as quickly as possible.

Robert L. Craig Elementary School in Moonachie was hit hard by the tidal surge during Sandy, as a riverbank overflowed and water levels spiked to Read more

Modular Construction Eases School Overcrowding

Modular Classroom - InteriorIt’s no secret that schools everywhere are feeling the effects of overcrowding. In extreme cases, teachers are sharing classrooms and libraries and faculty lounges are being used as teaching space. In some instances, students are even bussed miles away to neighboring school districts.

Meanwhile, state-imposed limits on class size often require school districts to add new facilities to adhere to state regulations. Schools with aging facilities, increasing enrollments and slashed budgets are in a particularly tight spot.

The Modular Solution

Many overburdened school districts are turning to portable modular classrooms as a fast, cost-effective solution for adding classrooms. Portable modular classrooms can be ready for students within weeks, not months, giving quick relief to aching schools.

Portable modular classrooms can be used for instruction for months or years. But for schools that require permanent facilities fast, custom modular buildings can start welcoming students in as little as half the time of traditional construction. Permanent modular buildings can be built to any size or shape, as standalone buildings or additions to existing structures. Either way, building aesthetics can be matched to the look and feel of the existing campus.

For both immediate and long-term needs, temporary modular classrooms can house students while permanent structures are built. As permanent facilities are completed, temporary classrooms can be added or removed to meet a school’s changing needs.

Reduced Campus Disruption

Modular construction reduces on-campus disruption. Offsite factory prefabrication of buildings combined with the need for minimal onsite preparation dramatically cuts construction noise while classes are in session, so students can focus on learning.

Click on the links to below to see examples of temporary and permanent modular classrooms.

Tropical Storm Debby Prompts School Rebuilding

Temporary Modular SchoolWith Tropical Storm Debby a recent memory, residents, businesses and local governments across Florida are starting to discover how many buildings will be declared unsafe due to structural damage, water damage or mold.

For school districts, the clock is ticking.

The new school year is just two months away, and damaged schools will need alternate facilities in short order so students can stay on track to graduation.

The timing reminds us of the tornados that tore through two schools in Springfield, Massachusetts in June 2011. They effectively displaced 700 students, and district officials had just two months to rebuild before the new school year began.

ModSpace worked with school district and community officials to present a plan and budget to FEMA to secure federal emergency relief funds. Once approved, ModSpace built three new school buildings, including a two-story facility with an elevator, using 68 portable modular classrooms. Combined, they totaled 37,500 square feet and were ready for students before the first day of school

As you look to rebuild after this disaster, think about modular and how it can help you recover faster. In the meantime, here’s a link that lets you take a closer look at how we helped the Springfield schools.

Preparing Your Business for Natural Disaster

Last week we told you about the importance of a disaster preparedness plan for successfully resuming business operations after a major natural disaster. This week, we want to share with you some great websites and resources that can help you minimize the impact a disaster can have on your business.

This FEMA-funded website helps businesses and individuals create a disaster preparedness program.

For businesses, it begins with a business continuity plan. Your plan should include a business impact analysis, business continuity strategies and procedures, manual workarounds, incident management, training and testing and program maintenance and improvement.

“A business impact analysis predicts the consequences of disruption of a business function and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies,” according to It identifies the operational and functional impact a disaster will have on your business and predicts financial impact. From there, you can identify the impacts disaster would have on critical business functions.

Agility Recovery

Agility recovery is a professional service that provides an easy and inexpensive way to prepare your business for disaster. Recovery services include mobile office units, power generators, satellite capabilities, servers, computers, networking equipment and more. Agility Recovery’s 10 steps to prepare your business can put you on track to business continuity.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross Ready Rating is a free online business preparedness assessment to help you see where your business stands and what improvements can be made. The program provides you with a questionnaire to test you on your ability to quickly recover after a storm and supplies helpful tips to help improve your score and more adequately prepare. Ready Rating’s five preparedness actions can help your business recover faster.

We encourage you to explore these resources and to consider developing a disaster recovery plan to help reduce the time it takes your business to recover and the financial impact of a disaster.