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Modular Minimizes Impact of Healthcare Construction on Patients

modular healthcare constructionFrom hospital expansions to standalone urgent care facilities, modular construction is quickly becoming the building method of choice for healthcare providers in need of new or additional space. According to Healthcare Design, 49 percent of the industry’s new construction is modular. The trend was confirmed in the McGraw-Hill Construction SmartMarket Report on prefabrication and modularization which named healthcare as the industry best suited to take full advantage of the benefits of modular construction.

Greater flexibility, repeatability and significantly reduced time to occupancy aren’t the only reasons modular construction is so appealing to healthcare facilities. Minimal disruption to patients and hospital operations is another compelling reason why so many are choosing modular.

While construction is underway in the factory, comparatively less foundation work is completed onsite. Once the building modules are complete, they are delivered to the site and installed in a fraction of the time of similar traditionally built structures. As a result, hospital operations commonly go unaffected, patients can get needed rest and buildings are completed in as little as half the time. This allows healthcare providers to offer new and better services to more patients, sooner.

In the event that construction does shut down a medical facility, temporary medical buildings can be brought in to allow doctors to continue to provide care. With this in mind, we’re certain modular will continue to be a popular option for new healthcare construction.

The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Construction

Affordable Healthcare Act impact on ConstructionIn a recent interview, MedBuild Director of Business Development Brian Albers shared some insights on the future of healthcare construction. In it, Albers noted that an aging population, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), and the economy are the three largest factors in determining the future of healthcare construction.

There’s no question that an aging population will require increased healthcare services in the near future, creating further demand for related medical facilities. The economy continues to show improvement. The wild card in the equation remains the Affordable Read more

2014 Healthcare Construction: 5 Questions with MedBuild Director Brian Albers

Healthcare constructionObamacare, an aging population and the economy are just a few of the factors impacting new construction projects in the healthcare industry. Brian Albers is the Director of Business Development for MedBuild, ModSpace’s dedicated healthcare division. We recently sat down with Brian to get his perspective on where healthcare construction is headed.

Q: Healthcare reform has brought about significant change. How has that change affected the need for new medical space?

A: It’s accelerated the move toward more cost-effective acute care facilities as a means to maintain profitability. We’re seeing fewer new hospitals and hospital expansions. Instead, providers are focusing on capturing new patients through more conveniently Read more

Healthcare Looks to Modular Construction for Faster, Specialized Building

Millions of previously uninsured Americans now receive healthcare benefits, creating an urgent need for new medical facilities. As healthcare administrators search for space solutions to improve patient care and profitability, here are some healthcare facilities that have already capitalized on the benefits of modular to see more patients sooner.

Bridgeport Hospital

Bridgeport Hospital Modular Would Care CenterHospital administrators and staff wanted to add a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility as an extension of the existing facility. And the hyperbaric chamber needed to accommodate 12 people, rather than the traditional one person.

This highly specialized modular facility started welcoming new patients in Read more

ModSpace Helps Rebuilding After the Storms

temporary portable buildings for disaster reliefMarch is Red Cross month. And while it may be more than half over, the scars recently left by tornadoes across the Midwest and Southeast will last for years. These tragic events serve as a stark reminder about the value of the Red Cross and their ability to respond quickly after a disaster.

ModSpace is a proud sponsor of this Red Cross because, like them, we respond quickly in the wake of natural disasters to help emergency responders and communities recover quickly.

The recent tornadoes are no exception. Read more

30 Days in 60 Seconds Time Lapse Video

Time is money. Modular is faster.

This 60-second time-lapse video shows 30 days fly by as ModSpace installs a new modular building designed specifically for digital imaging at Southern Ocean Medical Center in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Offsite construction combined with minimal onsite preparation allowed the hospital to continue normal day-to-day operations with minimal patient disturbance. And by cutting their construction time to just 30 days, the Southern Ocean Medical Center was able to see more patients and start generating revenue sooner than if they had used traditional building methods.

The facility, designed, installed and finished to match the existing hospital, begs the question, “This is modular?”

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