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Tour the New York Red Bulls New Training Facility with MLS Player Dax McCarty

The ModSpace Sports and Entertainment Team recently completed work on the New York Red Bull’s slick new training facility. In this video, star player Dax McCarty gives you a behind the scenes look at where the team works between every MLS game.

For more information on ModSpace Sports and Entertainment capabilities, please contact William Mann at 704-719-0509.

Infographic: Modular Franchises Make Fast Food Even Faster

Franchises that open their doors sooner stand to make more money and capture more market share in their first year.

Modular franchise construction uses simultaneous onsite foundation work and in-factory fabrication to cut build times by up to half versus traditional building.

Just look at this infographic and see how franchisees win with modular.

Franchise Infographic FullLength Infographic: Modular Franchises Make Fast Food Even Faster

For more information on modular franchises, call the ModSpace Franchise Team at 847.622.5152.

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Inside the Ultimate Antarctic Research Station

¬ BAS Halley VI Inside the Ultimate Antarctic Research StationWe’ve said before that modular is an ideal building method when it comes to adding facilities in remote locations. Well, it doesn’t get any more remote than Antarctica. It’s desolate landscape and unforgiving weather make it inhospitable for humans to live and work. Yet, when the British Antarctic Survey (BAC) needed a state-of-the-art research facility to house its team of scientists and researchers at the South Pole, they chose modular for their base of operations. Built off-site and shipped to Antarctica in sections, the assembled Halley VI Research Station allowed the BAC to conduct important research on matters of global, environmental importance.

Halley VI Background

Commissioned in 2006, the Halley VI Research Station took four years to complete and is Read more

Whitepaper: Why Modular?

Why Modular Whitepaper Whitepaper: Why Modular?Modular construction was again named one of the hottest trends in construction and architecture for 2013. And for good reason. It’s faster, more efficient and every bit as good, if not better, than traditional building.

But don’t take my word for it. ModSpace Construction Services VP and AIA Architect Sam Tikriti has detailed the 6 most compelling reasons to consider modular construction for you next project in the whitepaper “Why Modular?”.

Click here to download your copy. If you like what you see, share it with your friends and colleagues.  It’s our way of saying thanks for considering modular.

Sandy-torn Shore Preps for Summer

 Sandy torn Shore Preps for SummerThe summer season is just weeks away. Yet six months after Hurricane Sandy, some beach communities are still rebuilding. For shoreline businesses, the season drives the bulk of their annual revenue. Some that aren’t ready are turning to modular construction to open on time.

Modular Facilities Heading to the Shore

For New Yorkers, the push includes modular facilities for restrooms, lifeguard stations and maintenance offices. Officials say the modular plan is the most cost- and time-efficient way to prepare the boardwalk and shoreline communities. New York’s $100 million investment in modular will pay for itself many Read more

Modular Man Caves: Atlanta Motorsports Park Garages Hit Full Throttle

For auto enthusiasts, the race track is the ultimate playground. As this story on shows, Atlanta Motorsports Park has pushed that experience to the red line. Cut to 2:00 in the video to see the modular race garages our Sports and Entertainment Team built. They’re a great example of what modular can do.

Seattle’s Taproot Theatre is Reborn through Modular

 Seattle’s Taproot Theatre is Reborn through ModularIn 2009, arson tore through a section of Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, destroying several businesses, and leaving an empty lot in its wake. As reported by the Seattle Times, the Taproot Theatre, a pillar of the city’s thriving arts community, was lost in the fire. Now the Taproot is reborn, bigger, better and modular.

The New Taproot Goes Modular 

From its Space Needle to the Seattle Central Library, the Emerald City has had a long history of progressive attitudes toward architecture. It’s not surprising that modular construction was the choice for the new Taproot. With 21 modules being readied, the finished project will include primary and Read more

Modular Data Center Resembles Space Station

 Modular Data Center Resembles Space Station

Photo: Bahnhof

Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof recently completed construction of a new data center in a retired nuclear bunker in Stockholm using modular building techniques. The resulting underground building looks more like a space station.

Going Underground

Located 100 feet beneath the surface, the space was originally built to withstand a nuclear blast. Bahnhof leased the bunker more than two years ago from the city for an undisclosed period.

Read more

Prefab Building Offers Housing for Los Angeles’ Homeless

modular housing for homeless in la Prefab Building Offers Housing for Los Angeles HomelessDowntown Los Angeles’ Central City East, known as Skid Row, is an impoverished neighborhood with more than 4,000 homeless individuals. It’s one of the highest-concentrated areas of homelessness in the U.S.

Fortunately, the Skid Row Housing Trust is working hard to combat this and get as many homeless individuals off of the streets as possible, according to a report from CBS Los Angeles. Earlier this week, the Housing Trust unveiled Star Apartments, which are currently being worked on and expected to be up and running by spring. The apartments, which consist of more than 100 prefabricated Read more

Coming Soon: The World’s Tallest Building, and It’s Modular

 Coming Soon: The World’s Tallest Building, and It’s Modular

Sky City building in Changsha, China

Modular has been gaining steady momentum as the preferred building process for architects and developers. This month, modular takes it to the next level, or 220 levels actually, as construction of the world’s tallest building gets underway in Changsha, China. And yes, it’s all modular.

In a testament to the speed of modular, construction firm Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), a subsidiary of China’s Broad Group, will complete the tower in 90 days — practically the speed of light for new building.

As the impressive structure breaks ground later this month, a similar project is set to get started in New York City. According to reports from The New York Times and The Associated Press, groundbreaking is expected to take place later this month on a 32-story apartment tower in Brooklyn that will be Read more