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Mobile Offices Help Organizers at the 2014 Boston Marathon

We’re honored to be a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon this Monday, April 21st. Our mobile offices are already in place as command posts and crew offices at the start line in the Hopkinton Common and the finish line in Copley Square.

Congratulations to all of the participants, event organizers and the City of Boston on the 118th running of this great race. You truly are Boston strong.

How Will the Polar Vortex Affect Construction Through 2014?

polar vortex11 300x225 How Will the Polar Vortex Affect Construction Through 2014?Something’s wrong when a term like “polar vortex” is trending on Twitter. Since early December bone-chilling cold and record snow have gripped the much of the nation. For the construction industry, now is the time of year when construction is heating up. But with many states still packed in snow, meeting existing deadlines and starting new construction is a monumental challenge.

It’s not for lack of effort. Hard-as-nails construction crews forge on through bitter cold, driving projects closer to completion. Despite their fortitude, countless construction sites have been shut down for the safety of workers. They’re all to be commended for their dedication.

Can Construction Rebound?

The situation gives way to several possible scenarios, all of which raise the question as Read more

The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Construction

Healthcare Reform The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on ConstructionIn a recent interview, MedBuild Director of Business Development Brian Albers shared some insights on the future of healthcare construction. In it, Albers noted that an aging population, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), and the economy are the three largest factors in determining the future of healthcare construction.

There’s no question that an aging population will require increased healthcare services in the near future, creating further demand for related medical facilities. The economy continues to show improvement. The wild card in the equation remains the Affordable Read more

BLS and ADP Release Conflicting Reports for December Construction Employment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released December’s employment numbers today. Not surprisingly, it reported a decline in construction employment by 16,000 jobs. In November, construction employment rose by 17,000.

Historically, December has always seen low levels of construction employment. In an interview with Forbes, Bankrate.com Washington Bureau Chief Mark Hamrick said that the wave of inclement weather in December likely played a role in the decline. He noted that new Read more

Is Blue Infrastructure the Cure for Ailing Detroit?

Bluewater Bridge 300x200 Is Blue Infrastructure the Cure for Ailing Detroit?Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing has pushed city leaders and residents to find new ways to manage its financial, human and natural resources. After several years in the red, some Detroit decision-makers are now looking to take the Motor City into the blue… as in blue infrastructure.

What is Blue Infrastructure?

Blue infrastructure refers to the redirection of rain water from sewers to ponds and other storage facilities. The same runoff is then Read more

Chasing Jobs: Current and Future U.S. Construction Hot Spots

ModSpaceHQ BarclaysCenter Brooklyn 300x215 Chasing Jobs: Current and Future U.S. Construction Hot SpotsThe national outlook for the construction industry remains positive, though some regions are outpacing others on the road to recovery. As new projects get started across the country, here’s a look at where the U.S.’s current and future construction hot spots lie. 

The Big Apple Gets Bigger

New York City leads the way, according to a recent report from Forbes.com. The City (and its NY and NJ suburbs) remains strong in residential and non-residential development. Two massive Read more

Construction Unemployment Hits 5-year Low

shutterstock 94802578 300x225 Construction Unemployment Hits 5 year LowFor the first time since 2008, unemployment in the in construction industry has dropped below double digits to 9.8 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed the addition of 195,000 jobs for June, 13,000 of which were in construction. Gains in construction were offset by the loss of 6,000 manufacturing jobs. The national unemployment rate remained at 7.6 percent.

Investing in Construction

June’s job growth comes on the heels of a recent industry-wide increase in construction Read more

Wanted: Skilled Tradesmen for Growing Construction Industry

copper cable thumbnail1 Wanted: Skilled Tradesmen for Growing Construction Industry The outlook for new residential and non-residential construction is increasingly positive. But with more projects on the horizon, new fears are emerging regarding a potential shortage of skilled construction workers.

Industry Falloff and Attrition

According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), many tradesmen retired or left the industry over the past decade causing a shortage of skilled plumbers, electricians, roofers and other essential trades.

AGC is attempting to curtail the shortfall by urging education officials to bolster Read more

OSHA’s Tips for Preventing Heat Illness

Construction Worker in Heat 300x225 OSHA’s Tips for Preventing Heat IllnessThe mercury is rising and people who work outdoors are at an increased risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Risk of heat related illnesses peaks when temperatures reach 95o F with humidity over 60%. Symptoms can range in severity from mild heat cramps to life-threatening heat stroke. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a Heat Illness Prevention Campaign to minimize the casualties of this 100% preventable condition.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency!

If an individual shows signs of heat stroke, seek professional medical treatment immediately! Call 911 or your site designated emergency number.

What is Heat Related Illness?

Read more

Merion Golf Club Dons Mobile City for the U.S. Open

15thfairway 1024x685 Merion Golf Club Dons Mobile City for the U.S. OpenThe greatest event in golf tees off tomorrow at the historic Merion Golf Club as Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and the rest of the fan favorites vie for the title at the U.S. Open. While all eyes are on the course, more than 120 ModSpace modular buildings will be behind the scenes helping the USGA make it all happen.

Modular buildings at events of this magnitude are standard issue these days. Just this year ModSpace was at the Final Four and the Super Bowl. But the U.S. Open is different. From the first tee to the clubhouse and beyond, our mobile offices are being used for everything imaginable, including player registration, media, merchandising and hospitality by companies like NBC Sports, Sports Illustrated, Lexus and the USGA.

Challenge: Watch the U.S. Open this weekend and count how many ModSpace mobile offices you see.