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4 Green Building Trends to Watch in 2013

2013 Green Building TrendsThere’s little question that green building is on the rise. Now, as all indicators point to a promising 2013 for commercial and residential construction alike, here are a few green trends likely to hit your radar sometime this year.

1. Greening Existing Workspaces
The U.S. Green Building Council spent most of 2012 working with individual states to expand their portfolio of sustainable projects. For 2013, the USGBC continues this push with a new framework for companies and cities that applies to both new projects and renovations.

2. It’s All in the Cloud
2012 introduced cloud computing to the general public. Apple and Google led the way, creating remotely stored systems and data for customers to access via the Internet, instead of a local hard drive. This year, Read more

Strategic Reuse Makes Sustainable Building Affordable

Sustainable modular reuse

Green building is in demand, and here to stay. As the construction industry turns to new low-impact and recycled materials to create more efficient buildings, builders and developers should also be looking for new ways to reduce environmental impact without compromising ROI.

One option for new green building is the strategic reuse of modular structures. By refurbishing and reusing existing retired buildings, developers can cut costs and construction waste without compromising quality.

The new ModSpace Hartford branch is a great example of strategic reuse. The ModSpace team in Connecticut needed a new centralized office to replace its three aging facilities. The ModSpace Design-Build team seized the opportunity and went to work, turning our green and sustainable vision into a real space for business.

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