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Modular Facilities Help Energy Producers Move Quickly, Even in Remote Locations

California recently passed a law that requires the state to “generate half of its electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind by 2030,” according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

The landmark legislation is intended to further reduce air pollution across the state, but especially in Los Angeles and Riverside counties where air quality has been at unhealthy levels for decades.

The Golden State is a long-time leader in renewable energy. But 50% in 15 years is a monumental challenge. As energy producers and their suppliers rush to develop new facilities to meet the new requirements, ModSpace is ready to help with a range of temporary and permanent modular building solutions that can be ready quickly, even in the most remote locations.

Watch the video below to learn how ModSpace helps energy companies move quickly in California and throughout North America.

5 Ways to Improve Oil and Gas Worksite Productivity with Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are an optimal solution for improving remote oil and gas projects as companies expand into new, untapped locations. Buildings can be quickly transported and setup almost anywhere to meet a variety of needs.

Watch this video to see a time-lapse of a large workforce camp installation. Then read on below to learn about the top five ways oil and gas companies can create a perfect worksite with modular buildings:

1. Project Management Offices

Onsite mobile offices allow managers to oversee projects and worker productivity firsthand. Offices can be built to any size or configuration and sections can be added or Read more

Growing Bricks Creates New Opportunities for Sustainable Building

sustainable building materialsThe search for sustainable building materials has technology firms and construction companies looking in some surprising places. One such firm, bioMason, found a way to create construction-grade bricks from, believe it or not, bacteria — bacterial byproducts to be specific.

From Bacteria to Bricks

Bacteria create natural cement (similar to coral) in as little as five days. This cement is combined with sand to form bricks capable of holding up to the pressures of residential and commercial construction. Essentially, the bioMason brick is Read more

LEED vs. Green Globes: The Battle for Sustainable Building Supremacy

LEED vs Green Globes The Battle for Sustainable BuildingThere’s a new kid on the green construction standard block. The Green Globes rating system is being touted as a less-expensive method of rating the sustainability of construction projects. Until recently, LEED was the leading certification program that offered ratings for green architectural design and development, construction and maintenance. Now, LEED is facing competition from Portland, Oregon-based Green Globes, causing controversy and competition throughout the green building industry.

Differences & Similarities

Both LEED and the Green Globes provide national/state/local certification for sustainable building projects; however, there are quite a few ways in which these two systems differ.

  • LEED is based on a system of 110 points whereas the Green Globes utilizes a 1,000 point system.  Each requires a minimum of points in order to be certified. Read more

Why Smart Cities Are the Cure for America’s Aging Power Grid

Smart Cities in AmericaSmart cities are all the rage with urban planners. But does this mean that the smart city design is right for every city? And what about the United States — will it fall behind and never catch up? Here are some of the questions city planners are asking.

What is a Smart City?

The term smart city applies to cities aiming to improve quality of life for citizens by updating infrastructure with smart power grids fueled by renewable energy. Smart cities can reduce traffic congestion, cut CO2 emissions and reduce operating Read more

Essential Design Factors of Net Zero Energy Buildings

Net Zero Energy BuildingsNet zero energy buildings are structures, either site-built or modular, that produce as much energy as they consume, resulting in zero additional energy required from outside sources. While defining the parameters of what makes a building net zero certified had previously been a bit hazy, the Living Building Challenge recently developed more defined criteria. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the essential design factors in every net zero energy building.

Good Design Dictates Lower Energy Needs

Good design is the start of every net zero energy building. Before considering renewable Read more

The Pros and Cons of Energy Usage Disclosure

Energy Usage DisclosureAs global green initiatives continue to increase and energy efficiency remains a priority, the question of energy usage disclosure has become a highly contested issue. As its name suggests, energy usage disclosure is the requirement that building managers report the total energy consumption rates of their respective properties.

Much of the country already complies with such informational reporting (specifically Northeastern states), however California, due to state law AB 1103, and Chicago now require that commercial building owners disclose their energy use. Other major cities, including New York, Austin, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. are Read more

ModSpace Opens New Branch Office to Better Serve Customers in Northeastern, PA

ModSpace Wilkes-Barre, PA branch office grand opening

Left to right: Mike Hoover, Sales Representative, Keven O’Brien, Director of Sales, John Lieffrig, Vice President of Sales; John Sipper, Hanover Township Manager; Lucy Sassi and Carl Worthington, Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce; Al Walker; Hanover Police Chief; Jon Penman Branch Manager

The newest of our 80-plus network of branch locations opened today in Hanover Township, PA, a neighborhood in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton region. The new sales office and storage yard will allow us to better serve customers throughout Northeast Pennsylvania with a local fleet of mobile offices, ModSafe portable storage containers and our innovative HQ ultimate onsite office.

“Opening this branch and investing greater resources in the region is a logical step for us,” said ModSpace VP of Sales John Lieffrig. “Growth in the region, due in part to the Marcellus Shale, has steadily increased demand for our temporary and permanent buildings. By moving part of our fleet closer to our customers we can improve delivery times, service intervals and overall customer service.”

Hanover Township Manager John Sipper, Police Chief Al Walker and several area representatives, vendors and customers were on hand for the event.

“It’s a great benefit to the township,” commented Sipper. “When businesses move into the area, it brings new residents and revenue. We’re happy to have ModSpace here.”

Though the grand opening was today, the branch has been ramping up operations for the last couple months, having already delivered several mobile offices and portable storage containers across the area.

For more information the ModSpace product and services available in Northeastern PA, please call the branch at 570.733.3193 or visit them online at ModSpace.com.

Middle East Cities Emerge as Global Leaders in Sustainability

masdar city abu dhabiWhile it’s the U.S. Green Building Council that sets the standard for LEED certification, two cities in the Middle East are quickly emerging as the world leaders in sustainable cities, or cities with a goal of net zero energy and waste. That means they produce as much energy, resources and waste as they consume.

Population and economic growth due to the Middle East’s oil reserves are the primary drivers in its aggressive push toward sustainability. With population expected to grow exponentially in the next 25 years, sustainable cities can offset the gradual depletion of the natural resources and with them, the region’s primary export and profit center. Here’s a look at innovative projects currently evolving in the region.

Read more

Rethinking the Definition of Green Building

Modular Green BuildingRising energy costs and global climate change are compelling arguments for sustainable construction. Yet some builders, developers and owners don’t see the value in green construction, particularly as it relates to their bottom line.

Good, Not Green

At the 2013 Greenprints sustainability conference, LEED founder Rob Watson suggested “eliminating ‘green’ as a modifier,” noting that “there are good buildings, and there are bad buildings…Good buildings save energy, water, time and effort — but perhaps most importantly to their occupants, they save money.”

That’s not to say that companies aren’t building green. LEED has helped spur energy-efficient construction Read more