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Non-Residential Construction Jumps 32.4% in March

$25 billion in non-residential construction starts in March marked a 32.4% climb over February numbers according to the just released Construction Industry Snapshot by CMD Group, formerly Reed Construction Data. The positive number in March confirms an upward trend in construction spending, but falls short of the same period last year when spending increased by 40.3%. For comparison, the long-term February-to-March increase has been 6.0%. See the full report from CMD here.

Non-Residential Construction Jumps 32.4% in March

Graph courtesy of CMD Group

Infographic: 10 Awesome Construction Apps via Sourceable.net

Smart phones are working in construction almost as hard as the construction professionals that use them. But finding the latest and greatest Apps can be a challenge that consumes as much time as a quality App saves. Fortunately, the gang at Sourceable.net compiled their list of the Top 10 Construction Apps to simplify our search. Click on the image below to view the full infographic and see which Apps you should be downloading.

Top Construction Apps




Important Tips for Site Selection and Preconstruction Preparation

Modular construction site selectionAny building project, whether traditional or modular construction, takes a certain amount of planning and preparation before construction can get underway. Here’s a quick rundown as to what you can expect before you’re ready to break ground.

Site Selection

Location is your most important consideration. Manufacturing facilities should be within close proximity to shipping routes, be them interstates, rail or waterways. Retail stores, on the other hand, are best placed Read more

Construction Industry Digs into Social Media for New Opportunities

construction industry social mediaIt’s interesting how a few hard years can be a catalyst of change. Construction is a great example. The economic downturn forced builders to find new ways to grow business. Enter social media. Though construction has a long-standing reputation of being averse to new technology, widespread adoption of social media is changing the way builders get business done.

With more than a billion users on Facebook and no cost for company pages, it’s not hard to see why construction firms are boosting their brands socially. Read more

Infographic: How Will We Rebuild America’s School Buildings?

America’s schools are in disrepair. Meanwhile, student populations are rising as budgets are slashed. How will America stay competitive in the future without sufficient school buildings today? Click on the infographic below to learn about two solutions that can help schools add new quality buildings quickly.

modular school buildings

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Can You Fit in a Portable Storage Container?

Portable storage containers can be placed almost anywhere on a construction site, behind a retail store, at a factory or wherever additional storage is needed. But for a go-anywhere store-all, a portable storage container can hold a lot more than you might think.

Click the image below for full size

You'd be suprised how much stuff you can fit into a portable storage container. Take a look. It's more than you might think.

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How Much Can You Fit in a Portable Storage Container? - An infographic by ModSpace

How Much Can You Fit in a Portable Storage Container? – An infographic by ModSpace.


Infographic: Modular Franchises Make Fast Food Even Faster

Franchises that open their doors sooner stand to make more money and capture more market share in their first year.

Modular franchise construction uses simultaneous onsite foundation work and in-factory fabrication to cut build times by up to half versus traditional building.

Just look at this infographic and see how franchisees win with modular.

Franchise-Infographic-modular franchises open 50% faster

For more information on modular franchises, call the ModSpace Franchise Team at 847.622.5152.

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Non-residential Renovation Starts to Rise in 2013

toolsAn infographic in the February 2013 edition of the Architectural Record suggests that renovation projects in the non-residential sector will jump 8 percent to $42 billion this year.

The report, which is based on data from McGraw-Hill, further suggests that New York City led the nation in 2012 with $6.12 billion in renovation starts. Perhaps the surge of new work already underway in NYC is the reason why the same report also named the Northeast as the only region that will not experience an increase in renovation starts this year.

Other top cities for renovation starts in 2012 were Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Boston. That focus is expected to shift in 2013, with the Southeast leading the way for new renovation projects.

See the full infographic from the Architectural Record

Infographic: Construction Site Accident Statistics

Despite efforts by the industry and OSHA, injuries and even fatalities are still frequent occurrences on construction sites. We found this infographic from Same Day Steel Deck that sheds light on construction site accidents with eye-opening statistics.

When it comes to construction site safety, it’s essential to understand the risks and plan carefully. The infographic is a good place to start, along with these helpful articles.

- Planning Ahead to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

- Understanding and Evaluating Hazard Recognition and Tolerance

View full infographic Source: Click here

Deconstructing Construction Waste and Saving Big with Modular

Construction accounts for 24 percent of all solid waste produced in the U.S. That’s approximately 160 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) debris created every year.

Reducing construction waste can have a tremendous impact on landfill costs, not to mention the obvious benefit to our environment. One solution for greener building is modular construction. Modular is inherently more resource efficient, and can dramatically reduce C&D waste.

Click on the infographic below to see some staggering construction waste figures, and the waste and money savings that can result from modular building.

Reducing construction waste through modular building

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Deconstructing Construction Waste – An infographic by the team at ModSpace