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The Modular Solution for the Today’s Military Buildings

Ft Knox modular buildings for the militaryThe days of canvas tents and simple aluminum barracks are long gone for housing our nation’s armed forces, replaced in many instances with modular structures. Whether stationed Stateside or deployed overseas, the speed, portability and flexibility inherent in modular buildings make them ideal for the military’s constant need for efficient, reliable, and practical facilities.

May is Military Appreciation Month, and ModSpace is proud to have worked with the U.S. Armed Forces on several projects. Here are a few of which we are most proud:

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Time-Lapse Video: Building a Mobile Office Complex in 38 Days

The title says it all. Watch this short video and see 5 weeks flash by as ModSpace constructs a fully functional 7-unit mobile office complex. When it comes to adding buildings in days (not months), there really is no substitute.