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10 Tips for Preventing Falling Object Injuries

10 Tips for Preventing Falling Object InjuriesEarlier this month a man was killed at a construction site New Jersey when a 1-pound tape measure fell 50 stories and struck him in the head. This tragedy is a stark reminder that falling object injuries can and do occur. It could also be considered a call for an industry-wide effort to prevent these incidents in the future.

Falling Object Statistics

  • A solid object dropped from 64 feet will hit the ground in 2 seconds at a speed of 43.8 miles per hour.
  • The same object dropped at 106 feet will hit the ground in 3 seconds at a speed of 65.8 miles per hour.
  • A 2-ounce pen dropped from 230 feet has the potential to penetrate a hardhat.

Tips for Preventing Falling Object Injuries

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State of the Industry: 2013 U.S. Construction Performance Scorecard

2013 Construction Performance Scorecard - State of the IndustryWith the building season winding down, it’s a good time to look back at how construction in 2013 stacked up against industry predictions and look ahead to 2014.

U.S. Construction Growth

In October 2012, McGraw-Hill Construction’s Dodge Outlook report predicted U.S. Construction would see an uptick of 6%, bringing construction to $483 billion in 2013. The August 2013 update shows that for overall growth, the McGraw-Hill prediction was spot on. Here’s a breakdown of how sectors within construction performed this year compared to projections.

Single Family Housing

McGraw-Hill predicted an increase of 21% more units and a 24% increase in revenue. Building is on-track to outpace those predictions, with 28% growth. The increase is due Read more

A Rising Sea of Change? New York Weighs Coastal Readiness Plan

new york considers $20 billion plan to protect city from severe storms and tidal surge

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Rising oceans and severe storms are a real threat to coastal cities around the world. Superstorm Sandy is great example of how tidal surge can devastate low-lying metropolitan areas.

One artist recently created a video animation that shows how the rising sea level could impact the West Coast. Imagine Venice Beach under 25 feet of water. While this scenario is not likely to happen in our lifetime, it does call into question how the world will protect its coastal cities. For Read more

Chasing Jobs: Current and Future U.S. Construction Hot Spots

ModSpace HQ mobile office at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New YorkThe national outlook for the construction industry remains positive, though some regions are outpacing others on the road to recovery. As new projects get started across the country, here’s a look at where the U.S.’s current and future construction hot spots lie. 

The Big Apple Gets Bigger

New York City leads the way, according to a recent report from Forbes.com. The City (and its NY and NJ suburbs) remains strong in residential and non-residential development. Two massive Read more

Modular Construction vs. Noise Pollution

Construction site noiseThe advantages of modular over traditional construction are well documented. Cost effectiveness, sustainability, and speed are at the top of the list. One benefit that’s often overlooked is the significant reduction of construction noise.

How does modular cut construction noise? Instead of hammers banging away at the site, modular structures are built offsite in controlled factory environments.

Modular also requires comparatively less site preparation. Unlike stick-built structures, modular buildings are designed and built to stand Read more

Sandy-torn Shore Preps for Summer

Sandy-torn Shore Preps for Summer with Modular ConstructionThe summer season is just weeks away. Yet six months after Hurricane Sandy, some beach communities are still rebuilding. For shoreline businesses, the season drives the bulk of their annual revenue. Some that aren’t ready are turning to modular construction to open on time.

Modular Facilities Heading to the Shore

For New Yorkers, the push includes modular facilities for restrooms, lifeguard stations and maintenance offices. Officials say the modular plan is the most cost- and time-efficient way to prepare the boardwalk and shoreline communities. New York’s $100 million investment in modular will pay for itself many Read more

Healthcare Looks to Modular Construction for Faster, Specialized Building

Millions of previously uninsured Americans now receive healthcare benefits, creating an urgent need for new medical facilities. As healthcare administrators search for space solutions to improve patient care and profitability, here are some healthcare facilities that have already capitalized on the benefits of modular to see more patients sooner.

Bridgeport Hospital

Bridgeport Hospital Modular Would Care CenterHospital administrators and staff wanted to add a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility as an extension of the existing facility. And the hyperbaric chamber needed to accommodate 12 people, rather than the traditional one person.

This highly specialized modular facility started welcoming new patients in Read more

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Modular Construction

Rising enrollments, decreasing budgets and natural disasters have America’s schools facing difficult times. When it comes to adding new teaching space quickly and affordably, modular construction offers temporary and permanent solutions that get students back to class sooner, even on tight budgets.

Here are five reasons to look closely at modular learning space. Click the link in each one to see how schools can benefit from temporary and permanent modular construction.

1. Faster Permanent Buildings

5 Reasons Why Schools Should Consider Permanent Modular ConstructionThe Jesse Kaplan School in West Nyack, NY needed four ADA-approved classrooms with restrooms for special needs children. The classrooms had to blend seamlessly with the existing facility. Innovative floorless modular construction Read more

Construction Projects Most Impacted by the Sequester

Construction Projects Most Impacted by the SequesterThe Department of Energy, the EPA, and the U.S. military are among the federal and construction programs now feeling the effects of the Sequester’s $4 billion in mandatory budget cuts that began on March 1st, according to recent article on ENR.com.

A report to Congress by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) outlines cuts made by the Sequester. Here’s a quick look at where they’ll be felt most.

Sandy Recovery

Hardest hit by the cuts are the states still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, with the $50 billion already approved by Congress for natural disaster relief earmarked for reduction. Specifically, New York, Read more

Video: School Principal Talks about Reopening Faster After Hurricane Sandy

Residents and businesses across New York and New Jersey are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Moonachie Township in Bergen County, New Jersey is no different. Four feet of water flooded much of the town, including Robert L. Craig Elementary. The school was badly damaged and not fit for teaching.

Administrators called ModSpace and less than a month later, the school reopened in temporary modular classrooms. It’s a good story for ModSpace, and a great one for the children of Moonachie.

Watch the video below to hear the school’s principal tell the story in her own words.