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ModSpace Returns to the Final Four

A new slate of teams will battle in the Final Four to win this year’s national collegiate basketball title, but one familiar team is back in force. It’s ModSpace, and this year we’re surrounding Reunion Park in Dallas with mobile offices and ModSafe portable storage units to assist Turner Sports with its production of the NCAA Finals and the March Madness Music Festival.

When the teams square off at the Big Dance this weekend, the ModSpace team will be behind the scenes helping production crews pull off one of the greatest spectacles in sports.

UConn, Kentucky, Florida or Wisconsin. Which is your pick to win it all this year?

Q&A: Behind Building the Unseen City at the 2013 U.S. Open

ModSpace mobile office at the 2013 U.S. Open of golf at Merion Golf ClubThe 2013 U.S Open wrapped up last weekend at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, PA. To the millions of fans that watched the event on TV, the severe thunderstorms, dramatic landscape and one-of-a-kind wicker baskets atop the flagsticks will be among the standout memories of this year’s event. What TV didn’t show was the city of 120 mobile offices ModSpace built exclusively for the tournament.

The preparation, delivery and setup of modular facilities required a carefully coordinated team effort. Territory Sales Manager Denis Mangifesta led the effort, working closely with USGA and Merion Golf Club officials and the ModSpace Operations Team.

We pulled Denis, a golfer himself; down from Cloud 9 just long enough to ask him a few questions after the last ball was sunk.

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Merion Golf Club Dons Mobile City for the U.S. Open

ModSpace Mobile office at the US OpenThe greatest event in golf tees off tomorrow at the historic Merion Golf Club as Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and the rest of the fan favorites vie for the title at the U.S. Open. While all eyes are on the course, more than 120 ModSpace modular buildings will be behind the scenes helping the USGA make it all happen.

Modular buildings at events of this magnitude are standard issue these days. Just this year ModSpace was at the Final Four and the Super Bowl. But the U.S. Open is different. From the first tee to the clubhouse and beyond, our mobile offices are being used for everything imaginable, including player registration, media, merchandising and hospitality by companies like NBC Sports, Sports Illustrated, Lexus and the USGA.

Challenge: Watch the U.S. Open this weekend and count how many ModSpace mobile offices you see.

ModSpace Mobile Offices Join the Final Four in Atlanta

The Final Four are heading to Georgia with thousands of screaming fans in tow. ModSpace is stepping up for The Big Dance with a fleet of mobile offices to support the surge of media and jam-packed calendar of special events around college basketball’s grand finale.

Click on the image below for an up-close look at ModSpace mobile offices in action.

ModSpace mobile offices at the Final Four in Atlanta

ModSpace mobile offices at The Big Dance in AtlantaModSpace mobile office trailers are at the Big Dance in Atlanta Photos courtesy of Chris Bligh

Mobile Offices A Critical Component of Super Bowl XLVII

As fans flood the streets of New Orleans in anticipation of Super Bowl XLVII, thousands of people are working around the clock to get ready for the big game.

ModSpace is there too. As the trusted provider of mobile office trailers to the NFL, CBS Sports, ESPN and many more, we’ve set up a modular city adjacent to the Superdome for the massive support network. Here are a couple images of the temporary buildings that are helping people put on the biggest sporting event in the U.S.

Mobile office at the Super Bowl in New Orleans HQ mobile office at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans