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5 Ways to Improve Oil and Gas Worksite Productivity with Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are an optimal solution for improving remote oil and gas projects as companies expand into new, untapped locations. Buildings can be quickly transported and setup almost anywhere to meet a variety of needs.

Watch this video to see a time-lapse of a large workforce camp installation. Then read on below to learn about the top five ways oil and gas companies can create a perfect worksite with modular buildings:

1. Project Management Offices

Onsite mobile offices allow managers to oversee projects and worker productivity firsthand. Offices can be built to any size or configuration and sections can be added or Read more

Relief to Recovery: 3 Ways Modular Buildings Help Communities Post-disaster

Mobile Hospital preperation

Staffers ready FEMA’s mobile hospital in Louisville, MS. Photo: Mike Koplitz/FEMA

When natural disasters strike, rapid response is vital to bringing aid into an affected community. Ongoing support is also needed to get the community back on its feet. Whether it’s organizing and distributing relief supplies, providing temporary housing for displaced residents, offering transitional offices to get employees back to work, or the rebuilding of businesses and homes, many organizations must quickly come together for effective relief and recovery.

Residents of Louisville, Mississippi came together after a tornado destroyed their local hospital in April. For the first time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Read more

3 Industries Made for Modular

Modular hotel in Japan

Bayside Marina Hotel, Yokohama, Japan

As modular grows in popularity and architects find new uses for prefab, three industries are best suited to take advantage of the benefits of building offsite. A report by McGraw-Hill Construction says healthcare, commercial warehousing, and the hotel industry would reap the greatest rewards by choosing modular.


Hospitals and similar outpatient facilities are ideal for modular. Patient rooms are identical and can be efficiently replicated at the factory and then quickly assembled onsite. This approach yields consistent quality, time savings of up to 50 percent, and significantly Read more

Inside the Ultimate Antarctic Research Station

BAC Halley VI Modular Research StationWe’ve said before that modular is an ideal building method when it comes to adding facilities in remote locations. Well, it doesn’t get any more remote than Antarctica. It’s desolate landscape and unforgiving weather make it inhospitable for humans to live and work. Yet, when the British Antarctic Survey (BAC) needed a state-of-the-art research facility to house its team of scientists and researchers at the South Pole, they chose modular for their base of operations. Built off-site and shipped to Antarctica in sections, the assembled Halley VI Research Station allowed the BAC to conduct important research on matters of global, environmental importance.

Halley VI Background

Commissioned in 2006, the Halley VI Research Station took four years to complete and is Read more

Prefab Building Offers Housing for Los Angeles’ Homeless

Prefab Building Offers Housing for Los Angeles' HomelessDowntown Los Angeles’ Central City East, known as Skid Row, is an impoverished neighborhood with more than 4,000 homeless individuals. It’s one of the highest-concentrated areas of homelessness in the U.S.

Fortunately, the Skid Row Housing Trust is working hard to combat this and get as many homeless individuals off of the streets as possible, according to a report from CBS Los Angeles. Earlier this week, the Housing Trust unveiled Star Apartments, which are currently being worked on and expected to be up and running by spring. The apartments, which consist of more than 100 prefabricated Read more

Enbridge Energy to Expand Pipeline Between North Dakota and Wisconsin

Enbridge to Expand Pipeline from North Dakota to Wisconsin In an attempt to further capitalize on North Dakota’s skyrocketing oil industry, Enbridge Energy recently notified its stockholders that it will move forward with its $2.5 billion plan to expand its pipeline from the northwestern part of the state to its terminal in Superior, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields have experienced remarkable growth in just a few short years. Whereas the Bakken oil sands produced just 20,000 barrels of light crude per day five years ago, that number has already increased to 700,000 and could ultimately Read more

U.S. to Overtake Russia, Saudi Arabia in Oil and Gas Production

U.S. energy production has taken a significant step forward in recent years, particularly through new technologies that have allowed the extraction of  gas from shale formations in places such as North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

A recent report from the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA), for instance, indicated that the surge in the U.S. will help the country surpass Russia as the largest producer of natural gas by 2015. A release from the agency also noted that Read more

Commercial Construction Surges in Canada

Modular Building

Modular control tower by ModSpace at Suncor Energy’s oil sands extraction facility in Alberta, Canada.

Though still not back to pre-recession levels, Canada’s commercial construction sector appears to be improving, according to a number of recent reports. The latest statistics from CanaData indicate that construction spending has seen relatively strong quarterly increases through the final quarter of this year, despite declines the second, third and fourth quarters of 2011.

Specifically, the volume of commercial building has risen in seven of Canada’s 11 major metropolitan areas this year, according to CanaData. Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada, has experienced a 33.7 percent uptick in commercial building in 2012.

The Journal of Commerce reports that this increase in commercial construction coincides with a rise in office-based employment, which has jumped by a significant margin over the past year in Read more

Report: Marcellus Shale Larger and More Cost Effective Than Originally Projected

Marcellus Shale Drill SiteAn article just published by the Associated Press cites two recent studies that found the Marcellus Shale natural gas field is much larger and more cost effective to drill than originally projected in government reports.

According to last week’s report from Standard & Poor’s, Marcellus Shale could contain “almost half of the current proven natural gas reserves in the U.S.”

In a separate report from ITG Investment Research, an analysis of the region’s well production data shows that production is Read more

Modular Construction Eases Rural Growing Pains

As energy exploration and extraction efforts take center stage in some of America’s most remote and undeveloped areas, rural economies are being forced to grow up fast. Civic and business leaders may find help from modular construction.

It makes sense. From the oil sands in Western Canada to the Marcellus Shale of western Pennsylvania and Ohio, out-of-state workers are flooding small towns and creating immediate needs for facilities. For energy companies and the communities that support them, modular construction is the building solution that can ease these growing pains now and down the road.

Immediate Buildings for Immediate Needs

Modular Workforce Housing

Click to View Time-Lapse

Current resources are stretched to capacity. Adding buildings quickly is essential to keeping projects on track and towns from being overwhelmed.

Temporary modular buildings can be delivered almost anywhere and configured for virtually any Read more